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Cool Photo Meme, I was going to post on MySpace, but the photos wouldn't show up and it made me sad. [4-13-08 at 7pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

1. Go to www.flickr.com
2. Type in your answer to the question in the "search" box
3. Use only the first page
4. Copy the html and paste for the answer. (you can right click the image, and go to properties for the Link, copy it, and then to post it into a bulletin you paste the link into this:
*img src= "insertcodeintoquotes"* and replace the astricks with < and >.
ok, some of them aren't showing up, and I'm really sick of working on this...its time to do somehting else. :p
Photo Meme as seen used by makaniCollapse )

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MEME! DO IT! ITS FUN! [1-20-08 at 10pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

1) Answer the questions below.
2) Take each answer and type it into Photobucket
3) Take any picture from the first page of results and post. (click on the picture and copy the HTML code)
4) You can't copy the persons answers who posted this before you!

fun meme photo time!!!!! WOOOO!Collapse )

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just about the coolest quizie EVER!! [1-12-08 at 1am]
becuase Its based on one of my favorite musical works...

If I were one of ElgarÕs Enigma Variations, I would be Dora Penny (Dorabella).

Elgar gave me my nickname after a graceful Mozart character. I stutter a bit when I talk, but Elgar and I exchange puzzles anyway, as he recognizes my inner beauty.

Who would you be? Enigma Variations Personality Test

weeeeeeeeeeee! Thats one of my favorite movements too! (:
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doot doot doo... [1-3-08 at 2pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

updates, updates:
*MUSIC DOODLE dot com had its birthday on Jan 1st. and I am happy about that. 3 new pieces of art are up, so check them out!
*I've got a few new videos up at Chickenwiretire @ YouTube including this one,
which is a promo for my friends band/a funny movie I made with my new camera:

* My DeviantArt is frequently updated. If you have a DA acount too feel free to message me! (:
Here's a sneak peek of a piece I have up there that I don't have at Music Doodle: photo fun timeCollapse )

*A Fun artsyish Meme! you know you wannu!Collapse )

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boo! [11-13-07 at 2am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Which X-Men Heroine are you ? (an actually COOL quiz)

You are Polaris

You have been through many experiences that have left there emotional toll upon you. Your friends often think that maybe you have gone a little...crazy. However you're love and loyalty have often prevailed in battle and you are a formidable foe towards your enemies.
Take this quiz!

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Which X-Men Heroine Are You?

Dazzler.You're a superstar, and insanely cool.
Take this quiz!

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Which X-men Character are you?(many answers)

NightcrawlerYou are very faithful and religious. But you are also very light hearted and have been known to jest. Your humor isn't timed very well but it is appreciated. Most people fear you because of your demonic appearance but those close to you know betterPowers-Teleportation-Sticks to Walls-Blends with Shadows-Contorts body-Agility-Can see in the dark-Prehensile Tail
Take this quiz!

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[11-2-07 at 12am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Live Journal just isn't working out for me these days.
There was a lot going on with the job I had, and now with what I've been doing lately. CRAZYNESS.
I've recently found time for my art, which is good.
I update my acount at DeviantArt alot. Go check it out!
I've been better about updating my website aswell, and I've given it a much more appealing layout, and hopefully within the next month or so I'll add a new section (featuring a garden knome!!)
Here's my site Music Doodle. Check it out!
I've also put a number of new videos up on YouTube. Some are from drumcorps, some from a vocal performance I had in the spring, and me playing a marimba solo from this fall.
Here's my You Tube: Chickenwiretire@ YouTUBE. Go Check it!

I'm just trying to get my art out there. I want to take an art class soooooooooo bad. Almost as bad as I want to find a group to perform with, and play music with.

Thanks for supporting the arts.

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ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT! yeay! [6-25-07 at 10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Living with limited internet, and tv, I found I had much more time to sketch somethings.
I'll be updating my DeviantArt with the good stuff, which some will eventually go on my web site- which I need to change the lay out for!

Here are my sketches:
the household cat, WaddleCollapse )
Dr. DorianCollapse )

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Its been a long time... [6-9-07 at 1am]
[ mood | tired ]

Living in the Finger Lakes with no freedom internet (becasue work internet is not fun!)
I've got some art to dump.

Here's the digital stuff.... Scans will be sometime this weekend if I can manage it!

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ARRRRRRRRRRRT [4-13-07 at 1am]
[ mood | mellow ]


so I've always wondered if those stick figure drawings and poses ever really worked or helped when drawing people.
so I tried it out. Pretty interesting results. Figure drawing, and bad dressesCollapse )

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compleated comic? [4-9-07 at 1am]
I think this is done...Collapse )
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Tablet Practice [4-8-07 at 6pm]
art garbageCollapse )
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Happy Easter! [4-8-07 at 2pm]

A very snowy Easter, indeed...Collapse )


x-posted to my other journals.

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::Scream:: [4-5-07 at 11pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I want to finish this goofy picutre so bad.
I was trying to use a lineless tutorial by emmycic
but it totally doesn't work for me at all. Perfect for her cute style...horrible for mine!
Lost PatienceCollapse )
so its back to the original lineart of this one and coloring it the other way. The way I did with "timpani stool" but it won't be so pretty becuase...its a goofy comic featuring Squirrel Girl and a couple of x-men.

uh yeah. you'll see it when its done?

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[4-5-07 at 1am]
[ mood | amused ]

here's a window into my x-men obsession...
found this vid and I find it absolutly hilarious!
Whoever made it is talented.

Fuzzy and Blue! (yeay for Nightcrawler!!!!)

and I can't get the song out of my HEAD!


I am so glad there's no school tomorrow. or friday. or for a week. I is tired.

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ART to do list: [4-5-07 at 12am]
[ mood | hungry ]

so many ideas, so little time or patience:

finish Squirrel Girl art haha. (digital)
Rockin' Roman (not sure of medium yet)
Tribal bass drummer chick (digital or markers)
Small Child playing Marimba (colored pencil)
Harry Potter Chapter . . . 9 I think is next (Midnight Duel) (colored pencils)

will not have any art time later in April all through June.
Wow. I'll have a real job. scary thought.

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Timpani stool colored! [3-26-07 at 9pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Here it is colored for the first time, via computer and tablet.
a pretty little turn outCollapse )
I think I'm going to update my website today too.
Now that this is done.

Next I'm going to color the same image but with a different technique using a tutorial I found.
Will post link to tutorial once I post that image.

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Art in Progress [3-23-07 at 10pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Here's a piece I'm working on, I've scaned it (obviously) and in mid process of coloring it via my new tablet.
I've never had a tablet before and I LOVE IT! weeeeeeeeee!
A Sketch book imageCollapse )

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random art! [3-19-07 at 12am]
[ mood | drained- I should be sleeping ]

My brithday was last week, and the gift I got from my parents is a Graphics Tablet!
I seriously think that my dad has been using it more than me, he's really excited about that kind of stuff, haha, that and he's been home more than me this weekend.
(just got it on Friday)
so behind the cut are some practice "pages." Its taking a bit getting used to but I'm improving. I was also messing around a with a few tutorials I've picked up here and there.
Behind the cut is also a goofy little comic I drew in Florida 2 weeks ago (when I was on vaccation). I'll probibly put it on my DA acount, but not sure if its Website worthy.
If you look at it, please let me know?

and on to the art! Collapse )
I also have 2 finished pieces that I'll put on Musicdoodle some time tomorrow (if lucky), and I'll put them on DA soon.
I'd put them here, but I'm feeling lazy and everything is kinda big. . . so yeah. enjoy.

Thanks for feedback, if you leave it. (;

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FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [2-28-07 at 12am]
[ mood | blah ]

After getting tired of waiting for permission to post a link to an artsist's site, since I used a tutorial by her,
I posted the link on my site anyways.
3 new arts, you've seen the rough sketches of them here,
the finals of them are NOW up at http://www.musicdoodle.com


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sketch [2-16-07 at 8pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I've been doing a lot of art lately,
here's a sketch that I scaned in for coloring in photoshop.Collapse )
My DA page is updated, but not my website, yet. Site is almost ready. You can see this finished piece at both.
And here are some artsy photos I took a few weeks ago, and cleaned up in Photoshop,Collapse )

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