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my journal for community participation

my arts and stuff. . .

12 March 1983
Hi! This is my journal that I use for community Participation. I also update this journal with sketchbook updates and art that doesn't make the "cut" for my website, or just random things. Feel free to friend this journal if you'd like to follow my art.

My WebSite: Musicdoodle.com!
My YouTube: My Performance Log
My DA: Musicsuperspaz @ Deviant Art

a random thing I found in a friend's profile, the site's in German but its easy enough to figure out!
Here's stuff I like/use:

The newest ones I've recieved are at the top left, with the oldest ones on the bottom.

Apprently I look like Tabby here, according to xmenevo_rating

Stamped to belong with Scott in the Match theme, and Stamped as Phoenix with the comic book theme, both at xmenevo_rating

Has been sorted in to Hufflepuff at acciosortinghat

Has been stamped at xmenevo_rating, Has been stamped at my own community hiros_stamping!

Has been stamped at wicked_rating, Has been stamped at x_movie_stamp